El sueño de la Alondra<br/>Ribera del Duero - Silvia Gonzales

El sueño de la Alondra
Ribera del Duero - Silvia Gonzales 2015

Auszeichnungen:300 bt. produced!
Alkoholgehalt:15 %
Genussphase:Jetzt bis 2026
Ausschanktemperatur:16° bis 18° C
Grösse:75 cl
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"The song of the skylark is an amazing, complex, lively, elegant and subtle wine. Initially, its delicate fruity and floral character stands out, which little by little gives way to aromas that are much more complex, mellow, of dried fruits in compote, toasted nobles and minerals. When it finally reaches the mouth, unfolds its authentic character, grows and extends to occupy all its space. It is a wide, rotund and at the same time sweet wine with a sweet and extra-fine tannin, which captivates the not very initiated and passionate lovers of good wine. You can not ask for more! All aboard!"

Grösse:  75 cl
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